Fludarabine Labelled with Fluor 18: A New Radiotracer for Onco-hematology

Paris (France) and New York, N.Y (USA), June 20, 2019 – The CEA and Zionexa have signed an exclusive license agreement for Fludarabine labelled with Fluor 18 ([18F] Fludarabine), an innovative radiopharmaceutical. Used in combination with a PET exam (Positron Emission Tomography), this radiotracer may allow better visualization of the tumor cells in lymphoproliferative diseases. A phase I study (NCT 021 28 945) has led to a proof of concept of the molecule for humans. A phase III multi-centric clinical study will follow this license agreement, which is the prerequisite before marketing authorization request, in Europe and in the United States.

The CEA has developed an innovative radiopharmaceutical: [18F] Fludarabine. The molecule, developed by the LDM-TEP (Cyceron platform), is covered by a European patent delivered on September 27th, 2017. This patent will be used by Zionexa as part of the license agreement signed on May, 22nd 2019 with the CEA.

[18F] Fludarabine shows a high potential in PET imaging for the evaluation of malignant blood disorders, especially lymphomas. This radiopharmaceutical may allow to visualize lymphoid tumor cells where other current diagnostic techniques are limited in terms of specificity and sensitivity.

EstroTepTheresa Bowers