Value of Molecular Imaging

One of the prominent tools of personalized medicine is Molecular Imaging, which has the potential to drive tomorrow’s healthcare by lowering healthcare costs and improving health outcomes.

Molecular Imaging is providing physicians with amazing new ways of looking inside the human body, delivering images of remarkable clarity with important information that until recently was available only through surgical procedures.

This unique insight enables physicians to personalize patient care. In terms of diagnosis, Molecular Imaging is able to provide information that cannot be seen with other imaging technologies or that would require more invasive procedures such as biopsy or surgery. It can also help to identify disease in its earliest stages and determine the exact location of a tumor, often before symptoms occur or abnormalities can be detected with other diagnostic tests.

The result is that disease may be identified at an earlier stage, when treatments give a better chance for a positive outcome. The most advanced diagnostic imaging is PET/CT, which can show areas of higher activity with greater accuracy than conventional imaging technologies. That means that decisions on possible therapies can focus on specific areas to be treated. It can also determine if the treatment for a patient is working, and if it should be continued.


Molecular Imaging Benefits

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